About Biscuit

With Biscuit Life Companion, I’m setting out to provide tools for dog lovers to plan your life, be productive, and reach your dreams.

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  • Dogs create a magic in our lives that is incredible, and are also practical when it comes to helping us meet our life goals. Dogs have been shown to improve mood,  treat depression, encourage fitness, and can fulfill the basic human need of companionship. Your fur baby, or other dogs in your life, can be the rock to your other goals and aspirations.
  • Life Planning and Productivity can be fun (yes, FUN) for anyone. It doesn’t have to be heavy, it doesn’t have to be boring, and is not just for the hard-core organization gurus.
  • Eternal Learning! No matter who you are or where you are in your life, there is always something you can improve and something you can learn.
  • Find joy in the fact there is always something you can improve and something you can learn. It’s truly an exciting world we live in with so much right at our fingertips! I believe that being content and grateful for where you are today does not have to conflict with the idea that you can always make a better tomorrow.

Goals with Biscuit

  • Create and aggregate resources that help dog-lovers plan their life and attain their goals, through blog posts and downloadable content
  • Form an online community where dog-lovers can come together to make friends, support each other, and share their systems
  • Make life planning and productivity both straightforward and more fun!
  • …and maybe more! What would be helpful?

Do you want to be a part of our pack?


Who Am I

My name is Amanda. I’m a life-long dog lover and am someone who has always enjoyed coming up with systems to do things better in my own life. I’m not one of those ‘productivity gurus’ but also know that I have things to share that would be helpful to other people. I’m just someone in the middle of the pack, and I’m excited to get things out there and start posting things I’ve worked on to Biscuit Life. This is the start of an exploration of transforming our life into the best it can be, with our best furry friends by our sides. If you actually want to learn more about me, you can see a more lengthy history on this page.

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