Meet Amanda

Picture of woman (amanda) near river

Picture of me in February 2015

My name is Amanda, the Founder of Biscuit Life Companion. I’m a happy 26 year old living in the suburbs of Boston, MA. I love many things, but two items that have been my passion for as long as I can remember have been planning/productivity and dogs. For a few years I’ve had some ideas about how to combine the two, but it was only in late 2014, early 2015 that I really started to form the idea for Biscuit.

I’ve lived around Boston my whole life, except for four wonderful years at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying Environmental Science. By day, I’m a Technology Project Manager for a Residential Energy Efficiency Company in Boston, Next Step Living. I work on this website as well as other hobbies during my long commutes, evenings, and weekends. I’m a little shy, but friendly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime with questions or ideas for topics that you’d like to see.

Other Hobbies Include: Organizing a monthly card-game night for the University of Wisconsin – Alumni, Organizing monthly networking events for a women in CleanTech group called Refuel, Scuba Diving, Cooking (particularly vegetarian cooking and bread-baking), running obstacle 5K races, world travel, and reading.

A more lengthy history…

I was born: Me & Jessie

I’ve loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I had my dog Jessie, a protective and loving German Shepherd-Beagle mix, from when I was born until age 12.

Business #1: 2000-2001

You could see my love of dogs everywhere in my life. My room was covered. At the age of 11, I had my first, successful revenue generating website about dogs. (Yep! This isn’t my first website). I played a game called Dogz 4 which was a virtual dog ownership game. I had a very flashy pink sparkly website that provided three services:

  1. Created New Game Components: I figure out how to ‘hex edit’ breed files to make new breeds of dogs other than what the game provided, and supplied these new breed files on my website for free. I did the same hex editing for clothing files and toy files and had those up for download as well.
  2. Boarding Services: Your virtual dogs could also run away from being neglected as real calendar days passed, so I ran dog boarding where users would email me the pet file if they needed to go away, I’d feed and play with their dogs, and email them back their dog when their stay ended. Hilarious looking back on it, especially now that I do real dog-boarding.

    Screenshot of the old website that I found crawling the internet in 2015. Not what it used to look like, images and design elements missing, but it's the idea.

    Screenshot of the old website that I found in some internet archives. Not what it used to look like, images and design elements missing, but it’s the idea.

  3. Adoption Services: Ran an adoption center where when people didn’t want a dog anymore, they could send me the file and I’d take a screenshot of the dog, care for it in the interim, and let other visitors apply for the dog via email to adopt them. I also bred my own unique mixes and put them up for adoption.
  4. Judged Dog Show Contests: Users submitted pictures of their dogs and I’d make them paper awards they could print out

And I actually made money using the Amazon Affiliate program, linking to the game and other related games. I ended up losing the website due to my computer hard-drive dying. Although the HTML files were still on the web, I lost all my editable files through the program I used to build the website. I certainly learned my lesson about the importance of backing up.

I’ve Always Loved Planning, Productivity, and a Positive Attitude

I was the mayor of more play-towns than I can count and ran an after-school school out of my bedroom for a while. Journals from childhood include notes about business ambition, time management, evening routines, and all the things that make me happy.

Fur-Baby #2: Me & Maggie

About five months after we lost Jessie, we got Maggie. Maggie solidified my love of dogs. She has been immortalized everywhere in my parent’s home.

The Rest…

With help from my parents and hard-work, I got through four years of college with my degree, work experience, world travel, and more life skills. I had 1-2 other jobs at a time during school, and was generally resourceful in finding out-of-the-box ways to get things done. I found ways to make money studying, travel for free, etc. I came up with ways of managing my time and tracking my to-dos. I enjoyed making pretty schedules, high-level looks at important things all semester, and labels for various things (such as keeping the college refrigerator in-line).

Since college, I’ve had a successful career at Next Step Living so far and really enjoy working there. I’ve been able to do well at work, while meeting numerous other goals. Through my website, I’m excited to share tips and tricks for all other dog lovers out there to make the best of your life, whether that be at home, work, or school.