Do you want a dog? 4 Steps to Prepare Financially

Getting a dog isn’t something to be entered into lightly. One important thing to consider is whether you’re financially ready to have a dog!

5 Tips from Dog First Aid Class (with Free Printable)

A few weeks ago, we took a Dog CPR & First Aid Class through the American Red Cross to ensure we are dog-sitters well-prepared for emergencies. If classes are offered in your area, take one! It’s always important to feel ready for the unexpected. Here are some things I’ve learned, along with an “in-case-of-emergency” download for your fridge! […]

What did you miss on Biscuit? Archives from Q2 2015

April 2015 Welcome to Biscuit Life Companion! A brief introduction to Biscuit Life Companion: Providing Tools for Dog Lovers To Plan Your Life, Be Productive, and Reach Your Dreams Achieve Your Dreams! Goal Tracking Template by Biscuit Writing down your goals is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they actually […]

Get Yourself Some Kibble and Free Some Decision-Making Power

Eliminating your need for decision-making at one meal today can free your mental energy for bigger and better things!

Quick Tip to Sell More at Once on CraigsList (and type reoccurring phrases FAST!)

Do you know how to let CraigsList viewers see all your other listings?

Bury Bones for Rainy Days: 3 Types of Lists & Folders Everyone Should Have

Bad days come and go. You might feel sad, un-confident, or lethargic. I think that no matter what you’re doing or how your life is going, everyone has these. Right? I keep a few different types of folders and lists around to combat these rainy days! My ‘Smile File’  My ‘smile file’ is an internet bookmarks […]

What does my Goals Sheet look like? Updated July 2015

Not sure where to start for your own goal planning? I’ve shared my own personal goal sheet so that you can see how I’ve set it up.

Biscuit’s Buddies Highlight: Darby

See Darby! This is just one submission to Biscuit’s Buddies, highlighting how all our dogs improve our lives.

Biscuit’s Buddies Highlight: Cici

See Cici! This is just one submission to Biscuit’s Buddies, highlighting how all our dogs improve our lives.

Doggie-Bag Your Work Lunch (Save Money & Eat Better)

If you get the right supplies and find an easy process, you can pack your lunch for work consistently.