Biscuit brought me to Romania! (a ‘paws’ on typical content)

As of when this post goes live, I will have just landed in Romania yesterday! Romania? Why Romania?! It all began with Biscuit… I will be meeting some of these ladies who are also featured over at Biscuit’s Buddies.

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I wrote a Welcome Article when I first launched Biscuit on what I am hoping to explore, share, and learn about through these blog posts. However, I have not yet shared some of the behind the scenes stories about how I started Biscuit Life Companion.


I’ve always loved dogs. I’ve always loved things ‘productivity’ and ‘planning’. Lots of passive thinking went into how to combine those two ideas. However, nothing really formed until maybe December of 2014 after I had a consistent morning routine going with what I called my ‘Creativity Exercises’ included. Through these exercises, I came up with the name and tag-line to “Treat Your Life!” after many mornings of pre-6AM brainstorming.


Although maybe not the most logical next step, the most fun one now that I had a name, was finding someone to make my logo! I used an internet service to host a logo design contest. It was an incredible experience. It was emotional seeing my ideas come to life by these artists. The very first submission to the contest was Diana’s logo.


I couldn’t believe my excitement when I saw that first logo. It felt like it was THE ONE. But it was a logo design contest. I had to wait, right? I did, it was a contest after-all. That experience alone was amazing and worth what I paid to do the contest. Over 4-5 days, the logos came pouring in. I ended up with over 100 submissions from 25+ artists. I went over to my parents house twice and we put the logos up on the TV screen to look at them all together. The talent out there is amazing. I was filled with joy looking at all the logos, but also did feel terrible about needing to pick only one winner for the contest.


Both surprisingly and not surprisingly, I ended up choosing the first logo that was submitted. The collie with the wheel of life that you see today!
Screenshot Logo

Despite the contest, the first logo I saw was the one I picked!


As the final hand-off of materials ensued, Diana and I switched to writing via Gmail instead of via the service I hired for the contest. She shared a picture of her with her three dogs she has in Bucharest, Romania, and I sent her a picture of me buried in Boston blizzards with our visiting collie Lucky. Before we knew it, we were exchanging emails back and forth thousands of words long about our lives. We’ve since Skyped and chatted lots, and continue to find more and more things that we have in common despite being continents apart.

In addition to talking about our lives, we also talked about our projects and ended up planning to launch our websites together on the same date! That was very fun. If you want to learn more about Diana as a Graphic Designer, visit her website at Small Bottle Designs.



Although we’re all behind our computer screens, the purpose of technology is to enrich our lives. The purpose of social media is to bring us closer together. Yet it doesn’t always feel like that happens with the way we graze the surface of connections on websites like Facebook. But through Biscuit, whatever actually happens with the blog over the next months and years, I’ve made a new friend for life who I have been able to find real ways to connect with using technology. It’s just incredible! Even though we were getting along fine as pen-pals and via Skype, I was ready for another adventure and didn’t want our talks of visiting one another to just be dreams. And in March, I booked my trip to visit Diana in Bucharest!



Open your heart and mind to all the opportunities life brings you. You may just find yourself half-way across the world exploring Bucharest with a new friend!