Biscuit’s Buddies Highlight: Nicky

I’d like to share short mid-week post highlighting some of the amazing dogs of yours that are up here on Biscuit’s Buddies. To see them all or submit your dog, visit our Biscuit’s Buddies page!


This special dog that was in my life, but just for one day: Nicky. This little fellow really impressed me. Last year, in July, I was working late again. It was 4 AM when I heard a dog barking and crying outside. At first, I thought that it was a stray dog. But he won’t stop barking and howling. I went to the window, but I couldn’t see him clearly. So I decided to go outside and see what’s happening. He was across the road, in front of a building and howling at the windows. When I saw him, I called him, and he stopped. He looked at me and ran towards me. I took him into my arms and tried to comfort him. I walked up and down the street to see if someone was looking for him. But no one did. So I took him home. He was very sad, very scared, and he looked like he belonged to someone because he had a fresh haircut and a nice collar. Also, he seemed to have a flea allergy. I decided to find his masters, who must have been searching for him in all that time. It took me 24 hours to find his owners with the help of Facebook. I posted a message on my profile and asked people to share. In 24 hours, the posting was read by his vet and the vet announced the owners, who called me immediately. They took him back home on the same night. They were very happy to rejoin him, and he was too. And here is the best part of the story: I found out from his masters that Nicky was 1 year old and loved them a lot. So, when they went on their first vacation without him, leaving him with a relative of theirs, Nicky escaped from his backyard to find them, most likely. He was missing for 2 weeks, and traveled across Bucharest to find his owners. We calculated that he walked around 50 kilometers in 14 days. For a tiny dog, with short legs, that’s a lot. He was smart enough not to be hit by a car or caught by dog catchers. Also, we found out from a boy on Facebook, that he found Nicky 3 days before me and, as I did, he tried to look for his owners. But Nicky has had escaped from the yard of this boy too. 3 days later, I found him. What I learned from Nicky, whose story really impressed me: Although the world is big and full of dangers, you are never too small if you are brave, if you love strongly, if you have a clear goal in your mind and if you trust the right people at the right time. A strong will is above all the limits of the world. 🙂 I’m grateful that I heard Nicky howling that night and decided to take him home. I will never forget him and his story.