Biscuit’s Buddies Highlight: Zoey

I’d like to share short mid-week post highlighting some of the amazing dogs of yours that are up here on Biscuit’s Buddies. To see them all or submit your dog, visit our Biscuit’s Buddies page!


After my dog, Maggie, passed away, it was like losing a family member and my best friend. I have always been a dog person and loved almost every single dog I have interacted with, but there are those dogs that that are different and you hold a special connection with. I never thought that I would meet a dog again that I had that bond with, but then I met Zoe. Right away, I fell in love with Zoe. Even though she looked nothing like Maggie, she emulated something that reminded me of my old dog who I loved so much. For that alone, Zoe will always have a special place in my heart. She is not my dog, but she taught me that I can truly love another dog again. She is just the cutest ball of cuddles and I always look forward to her occasional visits to the Olafsson household!