Bury Bones for Rainy Days: 3 Types of Lists & Folders Everyone Should Have

Bad days come and go. You might feel sad, un-confident, or lethargic. I think that no matter what you’re doing or how your life is going, everyone has these. Right?

I keep a few different types of folders and lists around to combat these rainy days!

My ‘Smile File’ 

My ‘smile file’ is an internet bookmarks folder of pictures and videos that make me smile or laugh when I see them. When I’m having a bad day (or even a fine day) I’ll sometimes go back to this folder and click on items in it; great pick-up!

Here is a list of items I have in my Folder of Smiles:

Golden Retriever Wins Big at Dog-Show

YouTube Preview Image

Hope & Rosey’s Dinner Time

YouTube Preview Image

Otters Holding Hands

YouTube Preview Image

Pancho the Chihuahua Does Yoga!

YouTube Preview Image
What would you put in your folder of smiles? I’d love to see your favorites from around the Internet.

Keep Accomplishments and Praise

The next one is a Gmail Label (aka Email Folder) that I keep.  This ncludes tid-bits from other people when I was told I did something well or any other sort of positive feedback. If I get emails with this at work, I forward them to my personal email and put them in this folder that I just called “keepers” whenever I made it. If I get something that falls in this category that’s not in email, I’ll paste or snap a photo into e-mail.
I don’t always remember to get these things in here, but what I have is great to reference. If I’m encountering a challenge at work, reading some of these can give me the confidence that I know I can solve it. It’s also a great folder to have if you need to prepare for an upcoming performance review or negotiating a raise.

List of Quick Boosts

Looking at the ‘Smile File’ is usually just one thing that I can do to cheer up on a bad day. It’s a start, but isn’t usually enough or the right type of thing for a low-mood day. It’s important to have a whole toolbox of things that generally improve your energy on an off-day. If your day isn’t going great, try to choose a few things on your list and do them. Everyone’s list is going to be different, and the types of things you choose to do might vary based on whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night.

Some of my Boosters on My List

–Extra walk around the block with the dog
–Make and drink tea
–10 minutes of meditation or yoga
–Take warm shower and do at-home facial
–20 jumping jacks, a few lunges, and stretch
–Single square of dark chocolate
–Set-up my aromatherapy diffuser (citrus in AM or lavender/jasmine in PM)
–5 minutes of cleaning (set a timer and do as much as you can – achieving a few little things can get your mind ready to other things)