Board with Biscuit

If you’re local to Newton, MA, we provide dog boarding services through Your dog will get lots of love and walks when staying with us!

We don’t have any dogs of our own right now, and we would be thrilled to give yours our love and attention.

Our Home: Where Your Dog Will Be Staying

You can see our availability and other details on our profile.

If it’s your first time on, you can use the coupon code “AMANDADOGSIT20” for $20 off your stay with us, or with any sitter in the US if you’re not local to Boston.


  • We only take dogs who are fully house-broken.
  • We don’t take dogs who have shown any signs of aggression or ever bitten someone.
  • We don’t accept dogs who have severe separation anxiety that results in constant 100 barks/min when leaving the house (we have upstairs neighbors!)

If you’re interested in becoming a dog-sitter, or seeing pictures of the dogs who have stayed with us, visit our page about becoming a dog-sitter.