Want to Dog-Sit?

We have been using Rover.com to grow our dog-sitting business. Rover takes 15% as fees for the stay, but it’s worth it. Booking through Rover comes with all the insurance you could ever need as a dog-sitter, connects you to a vast network of dog parents looking for sitters, and provides 24/7 support if you ever have a question or need help during a stay. Our experience using Rover.com has been great, and we will continue to use it. Rover is available anywhere in the United States. With both our Rover.com clients and non-Rover.com clients, we made $5,000 in 2014 through dog-sitting.

Click here to make a dog-sitter profile on Rover.com.

What makes a good dog-sitter?

  1. Love of dogs!
  2. Home enough such that you would not be out for more than 5-6 hours at a time
  3. Responsible and responsive to communication

What do I need to start a Rover.com profile?

  • Pictures of your home and where the dogs will be staying
  • Pictures of you!
  • Prepared to write up information for your profile (Rover will provide prompting questions)
  • Someone who knows you who can write a testimonial on your Rover.com page. Your profile won’t be able to go-live until you have one written testimonial published.

Dog-Sitting is SO much fun! Here is a gallery of just some of our 2014 visitors:

It hasn’t all been roses though. We’ve had some bad experiences with Rover.com guests as well. Here are some other recommendations:

  • Have a “meet & greet” with any new client to meet the dog and owner in person before you commit to a stay. We will occasionally accept last minute short stays without meeting the dog, but only after a more detailed phone conversation with their owner. We never do stays over 2 nights without a meet & greet.
  • Ask screening questions at the meet & greet. Determine what your deal-breakers are, and try to ask questions to ensure the dog is a good fit.
  • Issues we’ve run into have included: dogs not being housebroken, aggression, and extreme barkers with separation anxiety (we’re in a 2-family house, not pleasant for the neighbors). Those are our deal-breakers, but for others, you might just not want to have dogs that need to go out before 7am in the morning because you like to sleep later. You might not want chewers because you keep your shoes on the stairs and have nice throw pillows (not something we care about). It’s about finding a mutual good fit for you and your visitor.

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Disclaimer: I will get a referral bonus of $50 if you become a sitter on Rover.com (meaning make a profile and book two stays in your first 90 days). However, I’m recommending Rover because I genuinely love them! It’s been a great service for growing our base of dog-sitting clients.