Ensure Success by Writing Your Dog Into Your Life Plan

This week’s post is a guest-post by Dina at Critter Writer. I plan to include guest posts along with my own writings as I want this to become a community that includes other people’s perspectives, and also shares your amazing ideas. If you are interested in guest-posting on Biscuit Life Companion, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via our contact form.

Our dogs depend on us for their very survival.  Even when we are sick, exhausted, or swamped with deadlines, we make sure their needs are met.  If we can dedicate ourselves so steadfastly to our pets, why so often do we cheat ourselves on something as vital as creating our life plan?  Don’t we owe ourselves some love and commitment?

Consider using your dedication to your dog to inspire you to make changes that will benefit you both.  Dust your old plan off today and infuse a little canine inspiration!  If you haven’t put your plan into writing yet- do it now!  A concrete document posted in a highly visible place in your home or office will help you stay accountable.


Check out this face! Could anyone disappoint this dog? I think not!

To be achievable, a life plan should focus on only a few elements at a time. Check out the Biscuit Life Companion Goal Template to keep track of yours! For example, I have chosen to focus on spending more quality time with my husband and improving my diet habits in 2015.  Here’s how I plan to make these priorities a reality, with my dog as my partner.

I’m not such a crazy dog lady that I consider my mutt, Finch to be a part of my marriage!  However, I have committed to prioritizing time with my husband, Don.  By including Finch, I’ve increased my accountability.  Now two of the creatures I love the most are counting on me.  Don and I came up with the plan to walk Finch together every evening after work.  No excuses.  It’s a solid twenty minutes of fresh air and relaxation that gives us the chance to discuss the details of our day, our plans for the next day, etc.   If I were to slack off, I wouldn’t just disappoint Don, I’d let Finch down too.

Improving my eating habits this year has been a struggle.  I like to exercise, but my healthy lifestyle sometimes gets derailed by my food choices.  I have the habit of grabbing fatty, preservative ridden quick-meals when I’m tired and stressed.  This year, when I have the urge to eat an unhealthy meal, I try to consider my diet partner.  Finch is eating a healthy, balanced food that I measure carefully twice a day.  If I don’t let him cheat on his diet, then why should I get to cheat on mine?

Our dogs are deeply entwined in the fibers of our lives.  They are a great source of motivation to help keep our plans on course.  Your dog probably can’t cure your addiction to reality tv, but next time you get sucked in to a Real Housewives marathon, consider going for a run with your canine companion instead!

Have you and your dog embarked on a new life plan together?  We’d love to hear your stories!