Free Downloadable ‘Habit Tracker’ Template

No pooches this week! However, one thing I did want to do with this site is to share some of the templates that I have designed and used over the years.

It’s incredible helpful to have some sort of system to holding yourself accountable to new habits, both starting good and stopping bad. I’ve used variations of this template for ages to track something I want to do everyday. This is very similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break The Chain” method of meeting goals. Once you have a few checks going, it’s all the more likely that you won’t mess up one day. But if you do, don’t worry too much, and just keep going.

Habit Tracker Screenshot

See “Achieve Your Dreams! Goal Tracking Template by Biscuit” for the first template I posted, a template for tracking goals. If you’ve done this, think about those goals as you choose items for your habit tracker. It’s the things you do everyday that add up to those larger goals!

You can download this on our downloads page.

Screenshots of old versions I still had on my computer from over the years… I’d love your feedback on whether anything about these are something you’d like to see in a Biscuit Template!

File from 2009


File from 2010





File from 2013 – Vertical version experimentation for one month!



File from 2013 – Experimenting with a single habit on a page for more than 1 week