What does my Goals Sheet look like? Updated July 2015

In one of my first Biscuit posts I highlighted a template that I use to track goals.

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Sharing My Personal Goals Sheet

In this post, I shared a blank template and details on how I use the template. However, I didn’t share any examples of my own goals sheet.

If you’re interested, I’ve put my own goals sheet up for download. It’s the exact version that I have filled in, printed out, and traveling around with me in my notebook. 🙂


See Amanda’s Goal Sheet, Updated July 2015, here.

I usually update my goals sheet every 3 months or so. This month, I decided to switch to the 2-page goal template.

Additional Tip

You’ll noticed that I pasted in boxes under some of the goal bullets on my sheet.

Capture_Boxes_Goals July 2015


I do this when a goal has something that is finite in number, but does not occur daily (and not too big to fit on the sheet). It’s satisfying to make working through items on this sheet more interactive to show progress.

It’s a copy-and-past-able text-square that I grabbed from a site like this that has many paste-able shapes.

Your goals are met by what you do daily!


For items that I do want to do daily to meet my goals, I’ve started a fresh habit tracker for this week.