Quick Tip to Sell More at Once on CraigsList (and type reoccurring phrases FAST!)

It saves time when you can sell more items to one person!

I love love love clearing clutter and getting rid of things I don’t need. It’s feel so good creating space, freeing myself from some things I don’t need, and earning a little cash, too!

Recently, CraigsList seems to have removed their feature that allows shoppers to click a link to see other items that person is selling. I used to write “Click the link to the left to see other things I’m selling!” Well, in this last round of getting rid of things, that appears to be gone!

I’m trying something else that’s working quite well, and yesterday, someone bought 3 items instead of 1 because of it. It’s easy to do.

Use something like Random String Generator to get a random 10 character code.

Grab a code on the list, and in every Craigslist Listing you post…write: “Search Boston CraigsList for “INSERT CODE” to see what else I’m selling at this time!”

That code isn’t going to appear anywhere else on CraigsList, so users can copy and paste that code into their search bar and quickly find all your listings. Ta da!

Have you used a Text Expander?

Text Expanders allow you to create as many keyboard shortcuts as you’d like that fill in longer text. In order to get my CraigsList statement with my code, I actually only need to type… cl + CTRL and it fills in for me.

I have dozens of things in my Text Expander application that I use regularly.

@ + CTRL – fills my personal email address

@nsl + CTRL – fills my work email address

home + CTRL – fills a few sentence paragraph that I use all the time to tell Dog Sitting clients or people on Craigslist how to find our house

170 + CTRL – fills my entire address

t! + CTRL – fills “Thanks! Amanda”

b + CTRL – fills “Best, Amanda”

team + CTRL – fills all the email addresses of Leads on our team for quick insertions into emails

dh + CTRL = fills “Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!”

and many others for work like the above for various emails I do repeatedly…status updates for project submissions, etc.

It took some time to get used to, but it’s all second nature now and I love my Text Expander! I use one called Breevy that also syncs across my work and home computers via Dropbox.

Enjoy! Still trying to figure out what to share / not share on the blog to go along with my theme…but I do just want to get all my tips out there even if they’re a little random!

Treats & Love,