Welcome to Biscuit Life Companion!

Let’s Begin

This blog is the start of an exploration into creating our best life with our dog, for our dog, and through our dog. I’ve been a dog-lover for as long as I can remember. I wish I could find a picture of my bedroom growing up, it was covered with dogs. On the walls. On the shelves. Everywhere. From a young age, I’ve also been a planner. I have all sorts of little templates and tricks that I’d love to share. Over the past year, as I’ve filled my life with more and more dogs through our dog-sitting side-business, I’ve started to stumble into and reflect on all the ways that our dogs really help us be better in our lives and meet our goals. With those two passions in mind, I’ve created Biscuit Life Companion.

I’m a little nervous. I’m usually very shy! I’m not really a writer. I tend to be better at the execution of things rather than being creative. But I’m incredibly excited about this idea, and about being able to share some things that might be helpful with the world. I read an old blog post from 2010 that spurred me a little closer to doing this: “Obvious to you. Amazing to others.” There are some things I just do, some things I just make, that maybe would be interesting to you?! We’ll see.

Thoughts Behind Biscuit Life

Have you noticed how much our dogs are adding to the world around us? Dogs create a magic in our lives that is incredible, and are also practical when it comes to helping us meet our life goals. Dogs have been shown to improve mood,  treat depression, encourage fitness, and can fulfill the basic human need of companionship. Your fur baby, or other dogs in your life, can be the rock to your other goals and aspirations.

Do you ever find the idea of “productivity” or “life planning” or “goals” scary? I’d really like to create a forum where that is something fun. And what makes those things more fun than involving your pups?!

Eternal Learning is something that I’m fascinated by. No matter who you are or where you are in your life, there is always something you can improve and something you can learn. I have some things that I can share with the world, and so much that I can learn from it. We’re all in the middle of the pack and are in a place where we have both things to learn and things to share. I’m sometimes just so impressed with how easy it is to access information and grow yourself in our current environment of information.

I’m so grateful for the wealth of knowledge available to me on the internet, at my library, and through meeting other people. It blows me away sometimes. Today is only day one of Biscuit Life Companion, and I’ve already learned so much creating this site in the last three months. I’ve met amazing people along the way just in it’s creation, and it’s not even live yet.

Onward to Blogging!

Although your dog is the fur-love of your life, I don’t think I’ll be able to overlap the two 100% of the time. I do also just want to share things that may be useful to others. I will be writing tips, systems, and ideas about bettering your life, through the lens of your dog when applicable. It might be some time before the two really come together; I know I’ll learn and make discoveries along the way.  I’ve been trying to find resources and other sites online about bettering your life with your dog, with no luck. There are hundreds of people writing about life planning and goal setting, with no one exploring the positive impact that our canine friends have and the role they play. Is there a need to fill here, or no demand? I’m setting out to discover this, write about things I’m doing, and am both excited and nervous to get started. Hope you find some things useful and have fun!