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April 2015


Welcome to Biscuit Life Companion!

A brief introduction to Biscuit Life Companion: Providing Tools for Dog Lovers To Plan Your Life, Be Productive, and Reach Your Dreams


Achieve Your Dreams! Goal Tracking Template by Biscuit

Writing down your goals is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they actually happen! This post contains a free, downloadable, Word Document Template that you can use to track your dreams!

One Two Four Sticky Note V2_Note-01

One Nose, Two Ears, and Four Paws! A Simple Solution to Working On the Right Things

This quick exercise will help ensure you’re having an impactful day, every day. Are you smelling for your biggest priorities?

2015-02-13 19.49.35

Kanban At Home (What is Kanban?! The Best Honey-Do List)

This lesser known method of task management at home is effective, fun/colorful, and can be a great way to align the house-members together as a team to meet goals.

Black dog swimming in pool with green tennis ball in mouth

6 Creative Ways to Get Fit with Fido

Are you looking for some fun ways to freshen up your’s and Fido’s fitness routine?

May 2015

Corgi laying on a silver laptop on beige carpet

Dog Short-Stories As the Gateway to Our Technology-Free Bedroom

Turn that cue of getting in bed into a new habit! Have a better bedtime without technology.

Young woman with dog walking in the meadow

5 Ways to Include Mental Fitness On Your Dog’s Walks!

We all know that taking your dogs on walks improves your physical fitness, but have you ever considered the ways it can improve your mental fitness as well!?

Oogy, white dog on red chair

What Fearless Fidos Can Teach Us About Rejection

Let’s face it. Most humans live their lives in constant fear of rejection. So much so that we miss out on opportunities that could potentially change our lives.


Memorial Day Tribute to Dogs Who Have Served

Learn a little about our K-9 soldiers this Memorial Day.


Biscuit brought me to Romania! (a ‘paws’ on typical content)

A brief intermission on how the launch of Biscuit brought me on a trip to Romania, meeting a new close friend (and designer of my logo).

June 2015

Screenshot of a PDF Habit Tracker Document

Free Downloadable ‘Habit Tracker’ Template

Starting with a few things and holding yourself accountable to repetition is the way to build habits. Check out this printable template to track your progress day-over-day.

Big Dog Sleeping Sweetly with Golden Alarm-Clock

Anchor Your Improved Morning Routine on Your Dog’s Walks

Having a great morning routine is the foundation to a good day, and that can all start with a morning walk with your pooch.


Ensure Success by Writing Your Dog Into Your Life Plan

Consider using your dedication to your dog to inspire you to make changes that will benefit you both.  Dust your old plan off today and infuse a little canine inspiration!

Licking lips dog before an open paper bag.

Doggie-Bag Your Work Lunch (Save Money & Eat Better)

If you get the right supplies and find an easy process, you can pack your lunch for work consistently.

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